Equestrian Center

The PMC Equestrian Center offers a range of services to horse owners. The center offers different levels of boarding and a whole package of in-house fee services.
Special events are sometimes held at the Equestrian Center, including a big open house every other year and the Halloween Barn Bash. Call (661) 242-2400 for more information about events or the center in general. Please leave a message if you get the voicemail and someone will call you back shortly, or you can send an email to Equestrianmgr@pmcpoa.com.

Fire Extinguisher Demonstration this Sunday, Nov. 18!

Our local fire department and Pine Mountain Club equestrians are offering a free fire extinguisher demonstration this Sunday, Nov. 18, from 10 to 11 a.m. Location: Kern County Fire Department station, 2410 Symonds Dr. PMC. For further information please contact Jan Veith, Equestrian Committee Safety Coordinator, at 661-809-3442.

Rental String

PMCPOA regrets to announce that there are no trail rides at this time due to circumstances beyond the control of the vendor and the Association.


To view the complete set of Equestrian Center Article 11 Rules, please click here.



Equestrian Center Fees


(prices per month)
Barn Stall – $255.00 Members/$265 Guests
Pipe Corral – $230.00 Members/$235 Guests
Pasture – $185.00 Members/$190 Guests

Services for boarders

(prices per service)
Turnouts – $3.00 Members/$3.75 Guests
Grooming – $7.00 Members/$8.00 Guests
Bathing – $25 Members and Guests
DG or Sand – $30.00 Members and Guests
Farrier Assistance (trim) – $9 Members/$10 Guests
Farrier Assistance (full) – $14 Members/$15 Guests
Hoof Care – $9.00 Members/$10 Guests
Boarder Supplied Feed – $3.00 Members/$3.50 Guests
Fly Spray – $3.00 Members/$5 Guests
Extra Alfalfa Hay (per flake) – $3.00 Members/$3.50 Guests
Blanketing – $3.00 Members/$4.00 Guests
Bag Pine Pellets – $9.00 Members and Guests
Lunging – $15.00 Members and Guests