Liz Venegas: PMC's new Recreation Supervisor    

Pine Mountain Club POA hosts many recreational events for members of all ages, from seasonal parties for grownups to a plethora of activities for the kiddos in town.
     The job of Recreation Supervisor is not an easy one! There are many details to tend to, people to please and creativity is a must for the position.
     Meet Liz Venegas, PMC’s newest Recreation Supervisor. Liz became Rec Supervisor in July, and has been working hard at making sure we all have a great time on the mountain ever since. She was nominated for the position by her boss and colleagues when the previous supervisor left. She has been on staff with the Association since last November, when she began working for the clubhouse as a “general” employee. She started in the Post Office, helped out in the Business Office, and then was moved to the golf shop.
     Prior to coming to Pine Mountain Club, Liz attended College of the Canyons for three years, and then decided to start working full time. “I’ve done everything from sales to nannying to food service. I have worn many hats throughout my career,” she says.
     Liz first learned about PMC when her family moved here from Castaic in 1993. “I grew up in Pinion Pines and attended school here from elementary through high school,” she said. “My parents both grew up in big cities and wanted to raise me in a small-town environment.”
Liz’s husband also grew up here, and she says they have lived in PMC on and off for the past eight years. “We finally decided to make this our forever home because we love this community!”
So far, Liz says she is enjoying her new job because it keeps her on her toes, and she enjoys a good challenge. “I’m always thinking of new ideas, but I have to remind myself I can only do one thing at a time,” she says with a laugh.
     The duties of the Recreation Supervisor are vast. The job entails working with the Recreation Committee in planning events, overseeing the Recreation Room and swimming pool, planning annual activities such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween parties for kids and adults and organizing Christmas and New Year’s festivities, as well as working closely with the cafe manager on events that involve food.
     Her favorite part of the job, she says, is coming up with new ideas for individuals and families to enjoy. “This position really gets my creative juices flowing. I am really looking forward to bringing back some old events we used to have and revamping them. I’m also excited to get some new activities going for the kids up here.”“We all love Liz here and are really happy to have her,” said Karin Shulman, PMCPOA General Manager. “So far, she is doing a great job, and always with a smile.”Liz says she also enjoys the interactions she has with children on the job. “The kids crack me up. You hear and see the silliest things in the Rec Room.”
     “I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I am excited to make some positive changes at our clubhouse in the near future.”