Hello new PMCPOA website user,

If you have found your way to this blog, then you are using the new PMCPOA website, and we are happy to welcome you here!
As you may know, this site has been a long time in coming. About a year ago, our original website became so outdated and subject to viruses that we had to take it down rather suddenly. The site had served us well for many years, but it’s time had come. Plans for a new site were already in the works, but it was far from being ready, so – not wanting the membership to be without a website for any length of time -- we decided to put up an interim site.
The interim site – intended to be a short-term fix while we worked toward this new site – wound up being live for a year. While this was not the original plan, we have no regrets: We wanted to put as much time and effort as necessary into creating a new website that the membership and guests will find pleasing, efficient and user-friendly.
To accomplish this, we solicited your input through surveys, conversations, meetings and more. We created a committee/task force dedicated solely to the planning and purposes of putting together a website plan. The members of this committee spent countless hours determining how the website should look, how the files should be formatted on the site and which photos to use. A professional photographer was hired to take new, high-quality photos in and around PMC, as well as pictures of our various programs and offerings.
We researched other association websites to see what they look like, and queried different website development companies to select the one that we felt would do the best job for us. The company we hired is Northstar Technologies, Inc., an operation based in Georgia with designers and staff located around the world.
Once the committee and design company were in place, we went about the business of working with the designer to create the look and layout of the website, and to begin the long task of transferring the mounds of information from the interim website into the new site, and uploading all the photos. Once this process was complete, next came the task of finalizing the content and inputting the most recent information and updates.
All this is to say that our new website was not thrown together quickly. We hope that’s obvious. It’s been somewhat like giving birth… with a very long labor. But our “new baby” is here, and we are proud parents. We hope you will enjoy exploring the various pages, menus and capabilities this site has to offer. It has lots of bells and whistles. We’ll offer a monthly blog, with entries written by a variety of people that will be fun and entertaining when appropriate or relay important information if needed. The “Members Only” side of the site will contain options and information only viewable by PMCPOA members in good standing.
To be honest, we are still learning how to use this site ourselves. This is new territory for all of us, so please be patient if things aren’t perfect right out of the gate. We’ll be tweaking and polishing for awhile yet. But we are excited to offer this to you now.
And please remember: No website is ever perfect, and no site can do everything that every person wants it to do. But we have worked hard to create a site that will please as many users as possible, and offer big improvements over previous PMC websites.
So, have fun perusing the pages and getting familiar with your new PMCPOA website.
And one last thing: I would be remiss if I didn’t thank every person who had any part in making this new site a reality. Like the old adage says, it takes a village to raise a child, and this website is no exception.
Karin Shulman, PMCPOA General Manager